Precious Time is a tagalized JDorama or Japanese Drama on ABS-CBN.

Precious Time - ABS-CBN

It is topbilled by Kyoko Fukada and Takeshi Kaneshiro. Kyoko Fukada plays Masaki who is in love with a music producer, Keigo portrayed by Takeshi Kaneshiro. She wanted so much to watch his concert but she has no money to buy tickets so she was forced into prostitution and she contracted HIV after. After the concert, Keigo saw Masaki chasing after his van. She was drenched, and thus Keigo took her to his apartment, where they spent the night.

Lazada Sale

It is known as the drama that launched the career of Fukada Kyoko and that jumpstarted Kaneshiro Takeshi’s Japanese career. It premieres tonight after Pinoy Fear Factor.