Real reason why Anne Curtis left “It’s Showtime” Revealed

Anne Curtis announced in the May 23 episode of the noontime show, “It’s Showtime” that she will be temporarily be gone from the show for 1 month.

She hinted that the reason she was leaving was “to pursue her dreams.” But the real reason why she left was because she will be shooting a Hollywood movie titled “Blood Ransom.”

Lazada Philippines
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Anne will be playing the role of Crystal in the Tectonic Films Crime/Thriller. The said movie is written, screenplay, and directed by Filipino-American Francis dela Torre. It is produced by Barclay DeVeau & Albert Chang.

Members of its cast include Clifton Powell, Jamie Harris, Dion Basco, Sven Holmberg, Caleb Hunt, Alexander Doetsch, Darion Basco, and more.

Let us hope that this is not the last Hollywood movie that she stars in. Good Luck Anne! Make us proud.