Renaldo Lapuz – William Hung of the Philippines

44-year old Filipino Renaldo Lapuz was one of thousands who auditioned for American Idol season 7 in Dallas, Texas.

Renaldo Lapuz - American Idol 7 auditions

As soon as he entered the American Idol audition room, Randy, Paula, and Simon knew that they were in for an entertaining time. Wearing a flamboyant silver cape, fuzzy white adornments and fluffy white hat that had Simon written on it, Renaldo who hails from Reno, Nevada, was given his moment in the spotlight—and is now immortalized in the video-sharing site YouTube. In the end, Renaldo did not get the chance to make it to Hollywood but he did have a blast getting his proverbial fifteen minutes of fame. You can check out his performance in YouTube and search for Renaldo Lapuz.

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