Reviews of Globe iPhone 3G in the Philippines

Globe just launched the iPhone 3G yesterday and hundreds of Filipinos have already got their hands on one.

Here are some of the feedbacks/review: { via philmug }

Lazada Philippines

well installing apps via appstore are damn slow. forget about it. the dimensions are very sexy. very slim and easy to hold. i never regret buying the white iphone. And of-coarse the NTC logo is printed at the back. Nice too.

initial reaction to the 3g iphone is that there’s an improvement in the “feel” of the phone, sturdier and better grip for me. I was surprised that the plastic doesn’t feel cheap at all. However, sms and opening of apps seems slower than my 1st gen. I’m not sure if it’s the 2.0 firmware. I hope speed will improve when I upgrade to 2.0.2

I’ve had mine for only about an hour; my first impression is, it feels better in the hand than the old one–slightly wider but lighter, and the plastic is warmer to the touch (aside from supposedly improving the antenna radically). nice piece of work.

My GPS is perfect! It pinpointed me at the exact spot I was (under a gas station), and when my car moved, the blue dot was following me! Use Satellite view though, map view is useless because Google doesn’t have any accurate street maps in the Philippines. QUALIFIER – This is GPS – it works well if you’re outside and under view of a satellite – don’t expect it to work indoors!!!