Ricky Lo’s reaction to the Anne Hathaway interview

Philstar’s entertainment editor and TV host Ricky Lo finally aired his side on the brouhaha that was brought about by his interview with Anne Hathaway.

Here’s an excerpt from his article posted on the Philstar dated January 23, 2013:

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So, how do I feel about Anne Hathaway’s attitude during the TV interview? Was I offended? No, I wasn’t. Was I “intrusive”? I don’t think so. Did I find her “rude”? Hmmmm, only a bit, although I must say that (ehem!) the more than 200 other Hollywood stars I have interviewed were absolutely more delightful, far nicer and totally engaging.

Believe me, I repeat, I found the whole Anne Hathaway experience simply amusing. No kidding!

Now, given a chance, would I ever interview Anne Hathaway again? By all means, yes!

But next time, I would remember to ask her only “not personal” questions such as, 1). What’s your favorite color?, 2). What’s your favorite song, and 3). What’s your favorite pet?, but never, never, a question like “What did you have for breakfast today?” because she might find it “too personal.”

To read the full article, go to Anne Thousand Hits – Philstar

A lot of Filipino netizens found Ricky’s interview as “awkward” and cringe-worthy, which sparked online debates.