Rock the Riles 2011 List of Bands in each MRT Station

Here is the list of bands that will be performing in each MRT station for Rock the Riles 2011:

Taft Station

Lazada Philippines

Tanya Markova, Giniling Festival, Stonefree, Soapdish, Above Zero, Wika, Heavy Heavies, Hatankaru, Ajka, Soundvent, Eevee, Letter Day Story, Kaligta, Kilos, Circa, Not So Fast, Philia, Ginoong Vitalis, Dhruva Tara, Game Theory, Nyctinasty And Ciudad Tribu — Rocking Vs Hunger.

Cubao Station

Noel Cabangon, Paramita, Hijo, Hilera, Turbo Goth, Camerawalls, Fmd, Top Junk, Chongkeys, Ganhava, Alex In Wonderland, Miko Pepito, Faintlights, Allecia, Nityalila, Og Sacred, Midsummer, Ltns, And Toyo. Presented By Dakila — Rocking For Global Trade And Development.

Shaw Station

Ebe Dancel, General Luna, Paolo Santos, Silent Sanctuary, Peryodiko, Duster, Malay, Kala, Caliphate, Paraluman, Gracenote, Kai Honasan, Akasha, Flying Ipis, Never The Strangers, Playphonics, Naked Lights, Armed Aesthetics, Progeny, Beyond Science And Fiction, Imaginary Friends And Ani Bughaw — Rocking For Education.

Ayala Station

Radioactive Sago Project, Updharmadownm Encounters With A Yeti, Musical O, Sleepwalk Circus, Hidden Nikki, The Charmes, Not Another Boy Band, Dr.Strangeluv, Filterkeen, Steady Machine, . Presented By Terno Recordings — Rocking For The Environment.

Boni Station

Flippin’ Soul Stompers, Big Band Groove, Collie Herb, Goodleaf, The Oemons, The Go Signals, Fingertrap, Jeepney Joyride, The Strangeness, Nanay Mo, Tirso Cruise Three, Kevin’s Express And Wilderness. Presented By Mambo Rat Productions— Rocking For Gender Equality.

Buendia Station

Intolerant, Reklamo, Bad Burn, Odat, Trapeze, Penguin, Gab N’ Josh, Parada, Arcadia, Doa,Fuzz, Pocket Full Of, Imelda, Love Sax And Magic, Htachbanko, Around The Metro, Lights In Transit, Last Minute, Jze, Lady Ransom, Jensen Gomez, Archievals, Harlequin Carnival, Twin Lobster And Sleep Is The Enemy— Rocking Vs Hiv/Aids, Malaria, And Preventable Diseases.

Quezon Ave Station

Cinemalexis Film Showing — Rocking For Maternal Health.

North Ave Station

Mayonnaise, Tonight We Sleep, Hansom, Subscapular, Sirens, Chris Cantanda, Blue Boy Bites Back, Pull It Surprise, Inday Bote, Jejaview, Save Me Hollywood And Shoulder State. Presented By Mary Moon Productions — Rocking For Children’s Health.