Rustom Padilla now known as “BB Gandanghari”

Actor Rustom Padilla arrived in the country last Thursday, January 15, after three months of studying in the United States with a surprising announcement — he is now known as “BB Gandanghari.”

Rustom Padilla is now known as BB Gandanghari

“I’m a woman, so, call me BB,” Padilla said in an interview with GMA-7’s talkshow Startalk. “She is a God-fearing, loving lady. I am a woman. I am a woman. BB’s a woman…Emotionally, physically, biologically, spiritually, psychologically, socially…” he added when asked to describe who BB is.

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His decision to change his name reportedly has nothing to do with his upcoming stage play “Gandanghari” where he portrays the role of a woman.