Actress Shaina Magdayao broke her silence about the hospital incident rumor involving her and boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz.

Rumor has it that John Lloyd and Shaina had to be rushed to the St. Luke’s Hospital due to a condition called “p3nis captivus” where muscles in the [email protected] clamp down on the p3nis much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the p3nis to withdraw from the [email protected] “No, hindi po totoo ‘yon,” Shaina said during the press conference of ABS-CBN’s Precious Hearts Romances Presents Alyna where she is the lead star. “Kasi kung iisipin po natin, kahit naman sa normal na tao, kung totoo nga talagang nangyari yung ganun, pupunta ka ba naman sa ospital? Kami pa kaya na public figure? Alam namin na kahit anong gawin namin, e, mababalitaan ng lahat ng tao.” she added.

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