Sky Cable launches HDTV service in the Philippines

Skycable brings High Definition TV (HDTV), the new standard in TV technology, to the Philippines.

HDTV offers enhanced picture and sound quality where viewers get life-like images and crystal clear sound. The new service is available to Skycable subscribers in Metro Manila in areas that are digital-ready.

Lazada Philippines

Subscribers also need the SkyCable HD box, which can only work with LCD or plasma screen TVs, and with projector TVs. Subscribers will pay a one-time installation fee of 5,000 pesos for the HD box and 499 pesos a month for the two HD programs.

The two HD channels being offered for now are Discovery Channel (ch. 164) and the History Channel (ch. 165), both of which offer exclusive documentaries and features. Negotiations are also in the works for other HD offerings like sports.