Smart Bro Canopy (myBro) Slow Connection (2013)

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Majority of Smart Bro Canopy (now myBro) subscribers are experiencing slow connections, which just started this April.

From the normal 180KB/s, they’re now down to just 20+KB/s. Apparently, PLDT has started implementing a Fair Usage Policy (FPU). It basically says that when subscribers reach the optimum volume allocation for a single user, they will lower your speed. This lowering of speed is also known as bandwidth capping or bandwidth throttling.

Users of torrent softwares are also included in the said FUP — “The service level and/or connectivity to users of peer-to-peer and machine-to-machine software/applications is modulated to ensure that all customers get the best fixed wireless Internet experience.”

Based on our research, the monthly bandwidth allocation for Smart Bro/myBro subs is only 15GB. If you have downloaded that much data before the month ends then you will experience a slowdown with your connection. Your normal speed will return the following month.

A lot of subscribers want to ditch their connection because of this but they are under contract with Smart/PLDT via the lock-in period (24 months).

If you plan to avail of a myBro plan, you may want to think again until they scrap the Fair Usage Policy. Try other ISPs instead like BayanTel or Sky Broadband. Do your research first.

Please share your experiences with Smart Bro (myBro) by leaving your comments below.

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