Star Flyer – Star City

Exciting rides and family fun are the heart and soul of Star City located within the CCP Complex in Pasay City.

Star Flyer - Star City

Star Flyer is one of its thrill rides, which is the Philippines’ first and only inverted roller coaster. It has 1-1/2 loops to be navigated in a 70-second run and has been dubbed as the biggest scream machine.

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Other thrill rides include Surf Dance, Star Flyer, Wild River, and the Zyklon Loop. Star City Schedule and Entrance Fees this December:

Star City Park Schedule:

Monday to Thursday : 4PM to 11PM
Friday to Sunday: 2PM to 12MN

Star City Entrance Fees:

Star City Entrance Fee – 60 pesos
Snow World Entrance Fee – 160
Dino Island Park Entrance Fee – 160
3 Cheers (3 Rides) – 250

Ride-All-You-Can – 300 pesos
Ride-All-You-Can with Dino Island Park or Snow World – 375
Ride-All-You-Can with Dino Island Park and Snow World – 450

Take note that you cannot bring your own food inside.