Sunflower Crackers Blueberry Cream Sandwich found positive for melamine in Hong Kong

The Department of Health (DoH) on Monday banned the sale and export of Sunflower Crackers Blueberry Creme Sandwich after it was tested positive for melamine contamination by the Hong Kong-based Centre for Food Safety (CFS).

Sunflower Crackers Blueberry Cream Sandwich

The CFS website said Croley Foods Sunflower Crackers (Blueberry Cream Sandwich) was found to contain 3.2 parts per million (ppm) melamine.

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Health Secretary Francisco Duque said he has ordered the pullout of the melamine-tainted product from store shelves pending test results from the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD). BFAD is set to test all Sunflower products manufactured by Croley Foods Manufacturing Corporation for possible traces of the industrial chemical.

Meanwhile, a letter from Croley Foods’ marketing manager Jeremiah Lim assured that the ingredients they use for their products are certified melamine-free.

“Croley is open and has nothing to hide. It has various certifications…issued by its raw material suppliers attesting to the fact that the suppliers are free from melamine,” Lim said in the letter.