Survivor Philippines (season 2) Palau castaways (contestants)

Here are the 16 castaways or contestants in the upcoming 2nd season of Survivor Philippines in Palau:

Survivor Philippines (Season 2) Palau Castaways Photos

Echo – Spicy Bicolana
Louie – Chick Boy
Justine – Beauty Queen
Suzuki – Japinoy Hunk
Tara – Taray Queen
Charles – Rakerista
Carol – Istriktong Guro
Marvin – Ultimate Crush
Amanda – Probinsyanang Tisay
Cris – Gentle Giant
Maya – Lady Pilot
Shaun – Hot Dad
Troy – Mentalist
Jef – Girl Next Door
Vlad – Metrosexual
Mika – Sexy Chef


Survivor Philippines Palau’s Grand TV Premiere is on August 17 on GMA 7.

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