Suspect in shooting of Tara Santelices slain in Antipolo

The suspect who robbed then shot Ateneo Political Science graduate Antonia Marina “Tara” Santelices, leaving her still comatose, in Cainta last month, was reportedly killed in a shootout with police in Antipolo, Rizal Monday morning.

Orlando del Rosario, 29, died when he he fired at police personnel of the Antipolo police who were about to arrest him for delivering illegal drugs on MH del Pilar St., San Isidro village, around 11:30 AM.

Lazada Philippines

Santelices was shot on the head on her 23rd birthday (August 6) when she refused to hand over her bag that contained a laptop computer while riding an Angono-bound jeepney on Imelda Avenue in Cainta, Rizal. The bullet fragmented inside the head of Santelices. Her friends, however, said that her condition has significantly improved.