Top 10 High Salary Jobs in the Philippines

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) bared the Top 10 jobs or occupations with the highest monthly salaries over the last 5 years.

The amounts are median salaries per month:

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1. Art director – 69,286 pesos
2. Geologist – 64,889 pesos
3. Aircraft pilot/ navigator/ flight engineer – 57,789
4. Mining engineer/ metallurgical engineer – 55,638
5. Computer programmer – 43,573
6. Systems analyst/ systems designer – 42,112
7. Production supervisor/ general foreman – 36,133
8. Actuarian – 35,480
9. Call center agents / customer service associate – 35,424
10. Statistician – 35,010

The figures are based on the latest study of the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE). So if you’re a high school student, this will give you an idea of your career choice as long as it also fits your interests.

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