Top UPCAT 2014 Tips and Tricks

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#TipsForUPCAT – The University of the Philippines College Admission Test or UPCAT will be held on August 2 and 3, 2013.

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You must be thinking, is there a sure way of passing the exam? We don’t think so. But we have compiled all the special tips and tricks for it to become a reality.

Read on UPCAT takers:

1. Think positive and relax. Always think that you can do it.

2. Make a checklist of things that you must bring like your test permit, two good quality pencils, rubber erasers, a sharpener, water, light snacks and make sure that everything’s in your bag.

3. Bring a jacket or sweater (in case your testing room is air-conditioned).

4. Make sure to get enough sleep the night before.

5. Go to the restroom before the exam starts.

6. Be sure you have breakfast on exam day.

7. Bring a watch so that you can budget your time for the exam.

8. Read and follow instructions carefully.

9. Answer first the questions you think you know very well and skip the difficult ones. Be sure to get back to them later if you still have time.

10. Make intelligent guesses for questions you really do not know the answer. Trust your instinct. Your first answer is almost always the best.

11. Be at your test venue by 6:30AM or 12:30PM depending on your session.

12. Use the extra time to review your answers.

13. Pray and hope for the best.

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