Transformers Reviews

Transformers The Movie is now showing in theaters and many die-hard Filipino fans had already seen it.


But for those who are the type of moviegoer who waits for reviews before seeing a movie then consider these reviews made by commenters of aintitcool.

Lazada Philippines

Overall, it’s pretty badass, and just what you expect a Bay/Giant fucking robots movie to be – crazy action, flawless effects, rockin’ soundtrack. Starts kind of slow and builds to a ridiculously over the top climax (standard Bay) where they nearly destroy an entire city kicking the shit out of each other. The actors all do a fine job – LaBeouf is pretty good – funny and believable as a kid stuck in the middle. Voigt phones his role in and the rest just kind of blend into the background.
My gf really liked it, and when I told her some of the complaints I had from a GEEK perspective, she said “Yeah, but that’s something that the average filmgoer – like me – wouldn’t understand.” She thought they set things up pretty well.

From a geek point of view – I think they fucked with the origin storyline a bit too much, adding some hokey ‘magic glasses’ subplot that was totally unnecessary. The ‘ship in a volcano’ origin would have been fine, and it would have explained the ‘adapted transformations’ a bit better – as it is, the robots just scan something and can immediately (like, IMMEDIATELY) transform into it, which was a bit stupid. Prime’s lips.. ehhh, no (and why did he have eyelids that blinked?) And this might sound dumb considering Bay’s always being hammered for having cardboard characters, but I wish they had focussed on the robots a bit more. They come with such a cool built-in mythology. The power-struggle between Megatron and Starscream, the Cybertronian War, energon cubes, etc. They touch on most of this stuff, but it’s quick, usually in voice-over and could have used a bit more attention.
Scriptwise, it’s a bit heavy, with a bit too much ‘cutesy’ funny moments (some work, some don’t). The Anthony Anderson/Rachael Taylor hacker subplot could have been completely eliminated, etc, but it’s a small price to pay to see GIANT FUCKING ROBOTS. Overall, it works. For some, it’ll work more than others, but it’s a fair compromise for all sides of the camp.

and here’s another one

Today I saw Transfomers at a Dutch preview premiere (check here for confirmation if you wish: Amsterdam, Pathe Tuschinski theatre) and here are my thoughts. In short: I liked it very much and I`m looking forward to the inevitable sequel.

I`m not a big Michael Bay fan. I`ll see his films in cinema, but I never feel the need to see them again, I just like the carnage once and that`s it.(Strangely enough I like Armageddon right untill they board the shuttles for the mission). Not so with Transformers.


The plot is simple: Cybertron has been destroyed but there is a cube-machine which can reshape planets to resemble Cybertron amd all the Transformers are looking for it. Megatron`s first to arrive here on earth in the 18th century and present day more robots show up. Sam Witwickys great-great grandfather discovered a frozen Megatron with the cube and now they are after Sam. Sounds a bit lame, but it is not distracting and works quite well.

Spoilers end.

The film is two and a halve hours long, but never feels dull. Shia Labeouf is quite funny, Megan Fox is nice eyecandy and the pacing of the film is tight.

Now for the real stars: The transformers, they look absolutely amazing!! Everyone of them looks and feels real. I am a very big fan of the cartoon but I don`t have problems with the flames on Prime nor the lips on their faces.

It just looks great on film and to finally see them transform and cause all kinds of mayhem, is stunning.

It is a very fine Summer blockbuster and completely made me forget the boring hell which the last Pirates of the Caribbean was. I`ll catch this one again in theatres and ond dvd.



Roy Amsterdam, Netherlands