True Colors – Showtime (ABS-CBN) Season 3 Grand Finals Winner

Dance group True Colors was declared the winner of the grand finals of ABS-CBN’s talent-variety show, Showtime.

They garnered an average score of 9.91 to bag the prize money of 1 million pesos for their group and another million for their barangay. The group is from Gensan just like the first Showtime grand winner, XB Gensan. The scores of the other groups are: Anonymous Edition, 8.0; Cool Guys, 8.5; Asian Pride, 8.4; Vision 20, 9.8; Tribos Humanikas, 8.2; BTLA Kidz, 8.0; Yuri Crew, 9.7; Artist Youth of the Philippines, 8.6; Negros Dance Collective, 9.6; Next Level Octomix Dancers, 9.5; and Street Noise, 9.0.

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