Valentines Text Messages 2009

Here are some more Valentine’s Text messages that you can “SMS” to your friends this Valentine’s Day 2009.

source: txt2nite

Lazada Philippines

I am opening an emotional bank account for u sweetheart,so deposit your love
in it and you will get the interest

if i could die early i would ask God if i could be your guardian angel, so i could
wrap my wings around you and embraces you whenever you feel alone…

it is hard to talk when your in love because when i look into your beautiful i get
my breath taken away

R.for red ,red for blood ,blood for heart, heart for love, love for u ,u for me,
me is u , I love u

Ur my strength, My luv, My heart.Ur luvn touch i long 4 so mch,Ur voice so
softly dat whispers i’m ur’s 4ever b mine my baby “I LOVE U”

ill drop a tear drop into the ocean & the day i find that tear drop is the day
i stop loving u!

baby i have an addiction problem.people say i shud go to rehab but I
always tell the m i dont wanna go cause im addicted to … YOU

one day the moon sed 2 me, if ur lover makes u cry why dont you leave ur
lover.. i looked at the moon n replied would u every leave ur sky?

When u feel alone just look at the spaces between ur fingers remeber that
in those spaces u can c my fingers locked with urs 4ever!!!

there was an headcount of angels in heaven, pandemonium strucked
discoverin dat an angel is missing, pls call heaven & tell dem ur safe wit me,
my sweet angel

I am in da emergency room now talk’n to da doctor he says it doesn’t look
good he says I am going to die… If I ever stop loving YOU!

By the way, Happy Valentine’s Day to all our dear readers.