Verdict on CJ Corona – Guilty or Not, Acquit or Convict

The Senate sitting as an Impeachment Court will finally decide any moment now, the verdict or final judgment: to convict or to acquit Chief Justice Renato Corona.

23 senators has to “rise in his/her place and answer: guilty or not guilty” and if he/she so wishes, a Senator may explain his/her vote for not more than two (2) minutes.”

Lazada Philippines

The prosecution needs 16 guilty votes to convict or two-thirds of the members of the Senate.

Voting will be done sequentially, starting with Article 2, then 3 and 7. If CJ Corona is convicted in Article 2, there will no longer be a need to vote on Articles 3 and 7.

The penalty in an impeachment case is removal from office and a permanent disqualification from holding any public office.