Vern Domingo is the 11th castoff of Survivor Philippines

29-year-old taekwondo champion Vern Domingo was voted out in Chalam Tribe’s third Tribal Council.

Vern Domingo - Survivor Philippines

The former members of Naak — JC, Rob, Cris, Kaye, and Zita unanimously voted for Vern while the former Jarakay members — Vern, Marlon, and Charisse opted to vote for Rob.

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It was also Vern’s turn to give the black pearl and she gave it to Charisse who won the third Immunity Challenge. The black pearl automatically gives Charisse one vote in the next Tribal Council.

“Siyempre, medyo nahe-hurt ako. Lumaban ako ng patas, ibinigay ko lahat. Naduwag sila sa talagang kalaban nila.” said Vern in her exit interview.