Vevherly Gador is the sixth castoff of Survivor Philippines

20-year-old Vevherly Gador of Cebu was was voted out unanimously by her fellow Naak tribemates.

Vevherly Gador - Survivor Philippines

Vevherly received all the votes from her tribemates while she voted Rob. In her exit interview, Vevherly asked the remaining Naak tribemates not to bring their game to the real world. “Sana ang attitude nyo sa game wag nyong dalin sa labas. Be true to yourselves. Whatever happens we are friends after this.” said Vev. Vevherly has now joined other Survivor Philippines castoff — Chev Macias, Emerson Diño, Gigit Sulit, and Patani Daño. Sporty mom Niña Ortiz was forced to leave the game before the last Immunity Challenge because of a fractured toe.

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