The all-male hip hop dance group, Streetboys just released their dance album that is basically a “Dancexercise” Instructional Audio-Video CD titled “Vhong Navarro with the Streetboys Let’s Dance!”.

Vhong Navarro talks about the Streetboys' new dance album

The album contains five different dance moves complete with demo videos. Tracks include “Sige Igalaw,” “The Hustle,” “Pata-pata-pon,” “You Should Be Dancing,” and the carrier single “Ayos Na Ang Buto-Buto,” sang by Vhong Navarro. The group is currently composed of Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario, Maynard Marcellano, Nicko Manalo, Chris Cruz, Sherwin Roux, Fritz Tibay, Jonathan Granaderos, Jemarth Lalic, Carlo Quintos and Joey Andres.

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“Wow, wala po kaming masabi, first time pong mag-produce ng Star Records ng isang album with Vhong and the Streetboys,” said Streetboys leader Maynard during their album launch last October 14 at the 9501 Restaurant of ABS-CBN.