Wendy Valdez as Margarita – ABS-CBN

We stand corrected regarding our post that Wendy Valdez will star in a sineserye entitled Burlesk Qeen.

Straight from the horse’s mouth (abs-cbnnews.com), it’s actually a telenovela entitled Margarita where Wendy plays a burlesque queen. They also made it clear that Margarita is not a TV remake of neither Vilma Santos’ Burlesk Queen nor Ina Raymundo’s Burlesk Queen Ngayon. Wendy’s leading men on this are Diether Ocampo and Bruce Quebral. Other members of the cast are Elizabeth Oropeza as Wendy’s stepmother; Rio Locsin as Wendy’s mother; Dick Israel as Wendy’s father; Joseph Bitangcol as Wendy’s brother; John Manalo as Wendy’s half-brother; Sharlene San Pedro as Wendy’s half-sister; and Keanna Reeves as Wendy’s mentor and friend.