Wenn Deramas vs Alfonso Martinez

Alfonso Martinez reportedly caught the ire of director Wenn Deramas after the former tweeted his opinion on the latter’s winning the Best Director award at the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival.

“I am sorry, but how the fcuk can a shallow, stupid and over milked movie win best director?” he tweeted last December 27. Alfonso is the son of actor Albert Martinez who directed the movie Rosario, which is also an MMFF entry. Alfonso was apparently disgusted that his father wasn’t even nominated for Best Director. Wenn Deramas posted his answer on Facebook, “Pagkatapos kong mabasa kanina ung tweet ng anak ni albert martinez, sinabi ko sa sarili ko na Pag aaralin ko ng husay ang mga anak ko sa paaralang Itinuturo ang PAGTANGGAP NG MALUWAG SA DIBDIB KAPAG NATATALO!!!” he said.

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