Wi-Tribe is a new broadband service of Liberty Broadcasting Network Incorporated (partnership between San Miguel Corporation and Qtel Group).

It utilizes 4G technology called WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access that provides wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes. Starting first week of February, Wi-Tribe will be offering its unlimited Starter Package at 998 pesos per month with 1Mbps actual speed (up to 3GB download volume per month, speed tapering at 256kbps in excess of 3GB). Surf between 1AM to 7PM and your 3GB download volume capacity will not be affected. It uses a wi-tribe BOOM 4G Broadband Modem (Motorola “MOTOWI4 CPEi 150” Home Modem). Initial Cash-out of 998 pesos as 1-month advance MSF together with a signed Service Application Form, copy of a valid ID, Proof of Billing and Proof of Income are needed to needed to avail of this new service.

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